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Study: Nationwide E15 Would Save Drivers Over $20 Billion in Annual Fuel Costs
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Growth Energy released a study conducted by ABF Economics that found that nationwide E15, a 15 percent ethanol blended fuel, could save drivers billions in annual fuel costs,...
Third-Party Research
Impact on Consumer Savings from Year-Round Nationwide E15 Use
One of the most significant opportunities for both consumers and the ethanol industry lies in expanding demand by increasing use of higher blend levels. Since motor gasoline containing higher levels of ethanol...
Biofuels Summit 2022: Advocating for a Strong RFS and Year-Round Access to E15
The 2022 Growth Energy Biofuels Summit (GEBS) returned to in-person hill meetings at a critical moment for the biofuels industry, as lawmakers are focused on affordable and accessible fuel, energy independence, and...
Third-Party Research
Comparison of Exhaust Emissions Between E10 and Splash Blended E15
For this program, two fuels, namely an E10 and E15, were tested on twenty 2016 and newer modern gasoline fueled vehicles over triplicate Federal Test Procedure (FTP) cycles. The E10 fuel was...
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Evaluation of Potential E15 Sales in California (2022 Study)
Blending ethanol into gasoline provides a variety of benefits for consumers, the environment, and the U.S. economy more generally. Domestically produced ethanol has largely replaced other fuel additives (which may be harmful...
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Assessment of a Reduction in the RVP of Conventional Gasoline in the Summer
The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) retained MathPro Inc. to conduct a first-order analysis to estimate the additional costs that would be incurred by U.S. refiners if the RVP of conventional gasoline blendstock...
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Analysis of Ethanol-Compatible Fleet for Calendar Year 2022
This study evaluates the size of the market that can consume E15 (a mixture of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline (by volume) in calendar year 2022 in the U.S. The study computes...
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Emissions Impacts of the Elimination of the 1-psi RVP Waiver for E10
The U.S. EPA Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) 3.0 model has been used to estimate the impact on air emissions from on-road gasoline/ethanol-powered vehicles if the 1-psi Reid vapor pressure (RVP) waiver...
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Study on Economic Impact of Nationwide E15 Use
One of the most significant challenges and opportunities for the ethanol industry lies in expanding demand by increasing use of higher blend levels. Most of the motor gasoline used in the U.S....
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Quadrant Strategies: E15 Labeling Study
The current EPA E15 label fosters misconceptions about E15 and likely deters its usage. Among drivers with E15 Eligible Vehicles, the current EPA E15 label raises concerns about the fuel’s impact on...