The bioeconomy delivers value to the environment in the form of lower carbon emissions and cleaner air.

Value for the Environment

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Maximizing Environmental Benefits

Biofuels and other products emerging from the bioeconomy lower emissions and reduce pollution.

Increasing the amount of biofuels used in the transportation sector by just 5% would be like taking nearly four million cars off the road each year.

Smart agriculture practices and innovations like carbon capture and sequestration are driving the bioeconomy closer to net zero, and eventually to net negative carbon emissions.

By the Numbers

The more we rely on the bioeconomy, the kinder we can be to our planet.


fewer GHG emissions from biofuels compared to gasoline


fewer toxic emissions of smog and particulate matter from biofuels compared to gasoline


number of cars that would have to be taken off the road to equal the emissions reduction of a 5% increase in biofuel use

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Policy priorities

Powering America’s bioeconomy requires a savvy understanding of where our industry is headed, and the perceptions and policies that can shape it.


Access the resources you need to be informed about the bioeconomy, including industry studies, policy developments that are shaping public perception and driving industry support.