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Better education is fueling the switch to more ethanol blended fuels, expanding markets for export growth and ensuring strong pro-biofuels policies at the state and national level. Growth Energy is committed to providing the facts for anyone seeking to learn more about ethanol. Whether you are a consumer, retailer, policy maker, auto dealer, mechanic or a media representative, knowledge is power. Here you can access the information you need to know to be informed about biofuels, including industry studies, policy developments, testimonies, issue backgrounders and polls that are shaping public perception and driving industry support.


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🚨🚨New #GrowthEnergy blog post alert! 🚨🚨 Read about @austindillon3's #DAYTONA500 win here… 🏁🏁@AmericanEthanol

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Congrats to @SenatorFischer, one of the best #ag and #biofuels champions in the Senate!…

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AD3 in NYC. @austindillon3 is making the rounds in the Big 🍎 after his #DAYTONA500 win!


It's all in the family. Austin Dillon's #Daytona500 win makes for a special story. READ HERE:…

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