. Soil

. Sun.

These are the ingredients
of a new economy.

One that grows in sync with nature, rather than at its expense. An economy powered by plants.

A bioeconomy.

At Growth Energy, we’re cultivating this bioeconomy by reimagining what’s possible with crops. Our members make low-carbon fuels, high-protein animal feed, and supply plant-based ingredients for everything from bioplastics to safer cleaning products.

Our industry’s been providing domestic, renewable energy solutions since ethanol blends arrived at the gas pump decades ago. And we’re continuing to accelerate green innovation today. We’re driving increased efficiency in how crops are grown, and how they’re used, finding new and better uses for every part of the plant, from the fiber to the fat to the starch.

The Growth Energy 2023 Executive Leadership Conference.

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Growth Energy’s Annual Report summarizes the progress we made in the previous year on behalf of our members
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