The bioeconomy and all the value it delivers to American consumers begins on the farm.

Value for the Rural Community

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It’s disappointing to see John Oliver fall prey to some of history’s least credible claims about the environmental benefits of biofuels.

Driving the Farm Economy

The bioeconomy supports more than a half-million jobs in the U.S. With regulatory updates that allow for more biofuels to be blended into our fuel supply, it could support almost another 200,000 more.

Fuel is just one of the many things biorefineries produce that drives economic activity in rural communities.

Bioprocessing facilities also transform crops and crop byproducts into corn oil, high-protein animal feed, food-grade CO2, biopolymers, and other innovative, in-demand items.

By the Numbers

The bioeconomy drives growth and innovation in rural communities, delivering essential products and economic strength.


U.S. jobs in the bioeconomy


The amount the bioeconomy contributes to U.S. GDP


Barrels of oil displaced by biofuels each year

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Policy priorities

Powering America’s bioeconomy requires a savvy understanding of where our industry is headed, and the perceptions and policies that can shape it.


Access the resources you need to be informed about the bioeconomy, including industry studies, policy developments that are shaping public perception and driving industry support.