Growth Energy helps fuel marketers gain a competitive advantage by offering higher ethanol fuel blends like E15. Taking advantage of ethanol’s cleaner burning and better performance along with strong economics enables fuel retailers to separate themselves from their competition. There is no better time than now to gain a competitive advantage in your business through selling mid-level ethanol blends.

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What is E15?

  • E15 offers retailers a competitive advantage and can generate more than 40 percent of total gasoline sales at retail.
  • E15 is approved for cars 2001 and newer – more than 90 percent of the cars on the road today.
  • Consumers have driven more than 8 billion miles on E15 and retailers have conducted millions of transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding E15

With the current state of the gasoline and retail industry in the United States, many factors go into determining the success of capital investments by retailers. Gross margins, fuel volumes and traffic patterns all contribute to successful fueling stations.

One place many retailers start is by planning on including E15 in their new build or scrape and re-build plans. More terminals are offering pre-blended E15 making access to supply easier and easier to obtain.

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Pre-blended Supply Increasing

Groundbreaking partnerships with leading independent retailers have pushed open the doors to a ready supply of E15 at terminals across the country.

E15 is offered at more than 170 terminal locations across the country.

Marketing Your Fuel

We have best practices from other retailers and marketing support.

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Flex Fuel Vehicle Data

Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) are specially designed to run on regular unleaded or any ethanol fuel blend up to 85 percent.

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