Adding E15 to Your Station: Getting Started

With the current state of the gasoline and retail industry in the United States, many factors go into determining the success of capital investments by retailers. Gross margins, fuel volumes and traffic patterns all contribute to successful fueling stations.

One place many retailers start is by planning on including E15 in their new build or scrape and re-build plans. More terminals are offering pre-blended E15 making access to supply easier and easier to obtain.

Keys for Optimizing Pump Setup

 Presenting E15 to consumers similarly to other grades of fuel is key for success.
 The best pump configuration includes offering E15 at most, if not all, of the dispensers under the canopy.
 If possible, offer E15 from a shared versus a dedicated hose.

We can help navigate the regulatory requirements

Growth Energy has helped more than 3,000 retail sites add higher ethanol blends like E15 and E85 to their product lineup. We have the following tools available to help you, but we will also personally work with you to comply with all federal, state, and local regulations.

Steps for making E15 available

If you are offering E15 you must:

  1. File a mis-fueling mitigation plan with the U.S. EPA. However, this is a simple process as you just need to send a letter agreeing to follow the industry mis-fueling plan.  Download the letter templates (shared hosededicated hoseand both shared and dedicated hose )
  2. Agree to participate in the industry survey program with the RFG Survey Association, including a nominal registration fee – Click Here to learn more.
  3. Properly label the fuel using the EPA approved fuel label which can be obtained free of charge from Growth Energy
  4. Ensure that all of your product transfer documents contain the correct information regarding volume percentage of ethanol.
  5. Also, be sure to check your state and local regulations regarding proper blends of ethanol in your area including checking with your local fire marshal or authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) about your facility’s compatibility with pumping E15.

For specific information about how EPA’s E15 waiver conditions impact your business, please visit EPA’s Web site. To download a summary of the steps required to add E15- Click Here.