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CSD Magazine: Why Consumers Choose E15

As retailers begin to offer E15 at the pump in ever greater numbers, new and effective marketing techniques are being developed every day to ensure that

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Skor Joins Sorghum Smart Talk for Discussion on E15

Our CEO Emily Skor joined National Sorghum Producers (NSP) Strategic Business Director John Duff on their podcast “Sorghum Smart Talk” to discuss the

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Joint Comments Submitted to Canadian Province of Ontario on Moving to E15 Fuel

On July 8th, Growth Energy joined the U.S. Grains Council and Renewable Fuels Association in submitting comments to the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP) encouraging higher blending of

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Growth Energy Submits Comments to IRS Encouraging Carbon Capture Tax Credits

On July 4th, Growth Energy submitted comments to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) encouraging expanding tax incentives to encourage the capture, utilization, and storage of qualified carbon oxides by ethanol producers. The comments

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Willis: Smaller Ethanol Markets Show Growth in May

By Growth Energy Senior Vice President of Global Markets Craig Willis Ethanol exports fell over 50 million gallons (mg) to 99 mg for May — the lowest for the year — as major markets like Brazil, Canada, and India all saw major cuts

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Growth Energy Launches Workshop Series to Educate Mexico’s Fuel Retailers on Benefits of Ethanol

Last week, we launched the first in a series of workshops alongside the U.S. Grains Council and the Mexican Association of Service Station Equipment Providers


In the News: “Bill Would Limit Small Refinery Biofuel Waivers”

In his article, “Bill Would Limit Small Refinery Biofuel Waivers” for AgriNews, Tom C. Doran took a close look at the bipartisan legislation

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In the News: “Magazine: Engine Experts Recommend E15”

With year-round sales of E15 now allowed across the nation, the popularity of the fuel blend continues to grow daily. Engine experts consistently agree that E15 is not only a more-affordable, higher-octane fueling option at the pump, but


Willis: Indian Sugar Politics Lead to Further Barriers to Trade

By Growth Energy Senior Vice President of Global Markets Craig Willis Last year, India announced it would set a target to achieve a blend rate of 20 percent

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Skor in Ethanol Producer Magazine: Hardship or Handout? The Facts are Clear

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor recently penned a column for the July issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine on the damaging effects the rapid rise of small refinery

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Ethanol is smart domestic policy, plain and simple. It's better for engines, it's cleaner to produce, and it supports rural communities. We drove that message home this week at the Global Ethanol Summit, as we push for the free trade of ethanol all over the world. https://t.co/smxBYJXxjH

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We know ethanol burns cleaner than gas. We just released a new report that shows even more benefits: 1) Using less land for much higher crop yields 2) Using less water to irrigate those crops 3) Gas production process is far dirtier than ethanol process ethanolproducer.com/articles/16600…

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New report released by @GrowthEnergy shows how “new innovations have allowed us to ramp up #biofuel production year after year, without expanding our environmental footprint.” https://t.co/Te6A10zblq

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Dozens of biofuel plants shut down because of these exemptions. That's not an exaggeration — it's already happened. If these rules from the EPA are finalized, we're no closer to reopening those plants. We're determined to make sure that doesn't happen. agri-pulse.com/articles/12713…

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