Nebraska Bill Would Boost Growth, Deliver Big Savings at the Pump

As oil prices skyrocketed last summer, U.S. drivers saved an average of 16 cents per gallon with E15, a gasoline blend containing 15% homegrown bioethanol. Savings were even greater in Nebraska, climbing to an average of 18 cents per gallon.

A new bill under consideration by the state legislature could put similar savings within reach for every Nebraska driver.

Authored by Sen. Myron Dorn (R-Adams), the E15 Access Standard Act (LB 562) would guarantee minimum access to E15 at most Nebraska fueling stations by 2027. For the few stations that might need upgrades, the bill offers state funding to assist in modernizing equipment as well as waivers for older and smaller locations.

Nebraska is the nation’s second-largest ethanol-producing state but ranks forty-fifth for ethanol consumption with a blend rate of just 9.7%. Senator Dorn’s legislation is a common-sense step to utilize more of the state’s homegrown ethanol, drive competition at the pump, and deliver Nebraskans bigger savings with E15.

The E-15 Access Standard Act also offers a historic opportunity to boost the state’s economy, unlocking new markets for farmers, ethanol producers, and related industries across rural Nebraska.

According to new research by ABF Economics, shifting from E10 to E15 in Nebraska would:

  • Deliver an additional $55 million in annual savings at the pump
  • Add $143 million to Nebraska’s GDP
  • Generate $104 million in additional income for Nebraskans
  • Grow demand for Nebraska corn by 14.5 million bushels
  • Support more than 3,000 jobs in all sectors of the Nebraska economy

Clearly, E15 is a win-win for Nebraska. We urge biofuel workers, farmers, and ethanol supporters across the Corn Husker State to let their elected leaders know that all consumers deserve access to bigger fuel savings with E15!

Learn more about E15:

E15 is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for all light-duty cars, trucks, and SUVs model year 2001 or newer. That’s more than 96% of light-duty vehicles on the road, which accounts for 98% of all vehicle miles traveled. E15 is currently sold at more than 2,700 stations across 31 states, and Americans have collectively traveled more than 35 billion miles using E15. To find your nearest E15 station, visit