Hawkeye Greenway: “Ethanol is America’s Homegrown Fuel”

IOWA CITY, IOWA – Former Iowa Hawkeye Chad Greenway, currently wearing No. 52 as a linebacker for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, joined the effort to make American more energy independent with ethanol – appearing in three videotaped messages for Growth Energy, the coalition of American ethanol supporters. “The better we are at growing our fuel […]

House Hearing Advances Ethanol’s Cause

WASHINGTON, DC – A key Congressional committee heard testimony today that helped cement ethanol’s role as the leading biofuel to reducing our nation’s dependence on carbon-heavy fossil fuels, like imported oil. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis said he was looking forward to continuing the debate on ethanol’s contribution to the nation as a source of […]

Corn Grower Named to Growth Energy Board

WASHINGTON, DC – Gary Pestorious, of Albert Lea, Minn., today accepted a position on the Board of Directors of Growth Energy, a coalition of American ethanol supporters. Pestorious is a fifth-generation farmer from Freeborn County, Minn., CEO of a family-run 12,500-acre operation, 10,000 acres of which is corn, and also serves as a leader for […]

Growth Energy Reacts to Science Magazine Paper

WASHINGTON, DC — Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, a coalition of American ethanol supporters, issued the following statement in response to the publication of a study in Science magazine seeking to add penalties against biofuels and farmers in a global climate change accord: “Ethanol is part of the natural carbon cycle. It has taken […]

“Usual Critics” Line Up Against Energy Independence, Renewable Fuels

WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy, America’s leading ethanol organization, dismissed the most recent attack on its efforts to increase the use of domestic, renewable fuels as an “attempt to divert attention” from ethanol’s value as a cost-effective, domestic transportation fuel that creates U.S. jobs, cuts greenhouse gases and reinforces our economic and national security. “I […]

Study: Fossil Fuels Have Hidden Health Costs

WASHINGTON – A recently-released study by the National Academy of Sciences examining the hidden health costs of energy concluded that corn ethanol produced fewer health threats than electric cars dependent on fossil fuel-fired power plants, and that second-generation ethanol produced dramatically lower health threats than almost any other transportation fuel. Tom Buis, CEO of Growth […]

Growth Energy to California: Do Low-Carbon Right

WASHINGTON, DC — American ethanol coalition Growth Energy filed new scientific data challenging California’s proposal to penalize biofuels production by imposing the ill-conceived “international indirect land use change” assessments as part of the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. “Growth Energy supports a Low Carbon Fuel Standard – as long as it is done right. And […]

Growth Energy Responds to GAO Report

WASHINGTON – Following the release today of a report by the Government Accountability Office examining the production of biofuels in the United States, Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis issued the following statement: “If the Environmental Protection Agency is going to amend the Renewable Fuels Standard, they need to do it right. This report by the […]

Ethanol Not a Threat to Grassland Conservation: Growth Energy

WASHINGTON – Today, Tom Buis, the CEO of Growth Energy, released the following statement regarding the article “Bioenergy and Wildlife: Threats and Opportunities for Grassland Conservation,” which was published in the October, 2009 issue of BioScience: “The members of Growth Energy strongly agree with the authors that maintaining conservation land and wildlife habitat are important […]

Senate Climate Change Bill Should Fix Unfair Land-Use Penalty

Washington, D.C. – With the introduction of climate-change legislation by Sens. Barbara Boxer and John Kerry, Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis issued the following statement: ”We look forward to the debate on energy and climate legislation in the United States Senate. It is our hope that whatever passes the Senate would contain the common sense […]

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Groundbreaking @rhodium_group report on achieving net zero emissions → Along with EVs, "low-GHG liquid fuels are needed to... achieve net-zero emissions in the transportation sector by mid-century.” We look forward to being a part of the solution. rhg.com/research/closi…

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“Clearly this is unjust, especially when farm families and biofuel workers have been working to make a living over the past few months." More in @MichAgToday on the EPA's SRE announcement → twitter.com/MichAgToday/st… michiganagtoday.com/growth-energy-…

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During his confirmation hearing, Buttigieg highlighted the need to tackle the #climatecrisis thru new infrastructure initiatives. We are grateful for his support of biofuels on the campaign trail + look forward to working w/ him to make #biofuels a key part of his climate goals. https://t.co/vS4uBGX6mu

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As America rejoins the #ParisClimateAgreement and the Biden Administration prioritizes ways to meaningfully address climate change, #biofuels are a key piece of the clean energy revolution and we stand ready to continue the work to decarbonize the transportation sector. twitter.com/ABCPolitics/st…

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