An outdated regulation known as Reid Vapor Pressure – or RVP – is preventing drivers from accessing more affordable, cleaner burning biofuel blends and capping American farmers’ access to domestic grain markets.

Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) is the measure of how quickly fuel evaporates. Due to an antiquated regulation from 1990, the federal government holds 15-percent ethanol blends (E15) to tougher standards than standard gasoline during the summer months. Between June 1 and September 15, consumer access to a cleaner, more affordable fuel choice is restricted, simply because E15 was not around when the regulation was written.

Nearly thirty years later, it’s time to recognize the advancements we’ve made by removing these unnecessary restrictions. With a simple fix – allowing the sale of E15 year-round – we can open markets for more American-made energy and revitalize farm income.

Fuel retailers want to offer their customers E15, and nearly nine out of ten cars are approved to run on this high-octane blend., E15 also improves engine performance and saves drivers money – anywhere between five to ten cents per gallon at the pump. In fact, U.S. motorists have traveled over 5 billion miles on E15. 

E15 can be found in 29 states, where it is sold at over 1,400 stations. Growth Energy expects that number to continue to grow 2019, yet many fueling stations are in regions of the country where unnecessary regulations limit sales of E15 during the summer fueling season (June 1 – September 15).

Growth Energy has led the way along with our retail partners to gain support for legislation to extend the RVP waiver to E15 and ensure American drivers have access to this affordable option year-round. The president has also expressed continued support of lifting RVP restrictions on E15. Now it’s time for Congress to tell the EPA to follow through on the president’s promise, and the remove the outdated, government red tape for the sale of E15 year-round.

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.@EPAAWheeler responding to @JimInhofe: "The president’s committed to #E15 and for the last two years we’ve gotten the RVOs ...out on time. It’s the first time it happened in the history of the program and we’re committed to doing that again this year."

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.@EPAAWheeler responding to @SenatorRounds on the timeline for #E15yearround: "We will get it done before the summer driving season..."

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Wheeler: the president is committed to #E15.

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“We hope to hear Mr. Wheeler expand on the agency’s commitment to finalizing the president’s directive on year-round E15 by June 1 and explain how the agency will address the reallocation of lost gallons due to unprecedented SRE granted under Scott Pruitt.” - @GrowthEnergy

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