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Frequently Asked Questions: For Retailers
While ethanol has been added to fuel for decades, not everyone understands why. Below are some E15 basics and a list of questions frequently asked by retailers. E15 Basics Why are consumers...
For Retailers
Equipment Compatability
Equipment compatibility with E15 and higher blends of ethanol E15 is approved for 2001 and newer vehicles, or over 96% of the vehicles on the road today and account for more than...
For Suppliers
Pre-Blended Supply
Groundbreaking partnerships with leading independent retailers have pushed open the doors to a ready supply of E15 at terminals across the country. E15 is offered by more than 386 suppliers at 113...
For Retailers
The Benefits of E15
A six-part series about the benefits of E15 Fuel as seen in Convenience Store News.
For Retailers
Adding E15 to Your Station: Getting Started
With the current state of the gasoline and retail industry in the United States, many factors go into determining the success of capital investments by retailers. Gross margins, fuel volumes and traffic...