Growth Energy Applauds Biofuel Role in Climate Plan from Senate Democrats

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Growth Energy today welcomed the inclusion of biofuels in a new plan released by the U.S. Senate Democrats’ Special Committee on the Climate Crisis. In a section devoted to the role of farmers and rural communities in combating carbon emissions, the report outlines strategies to expand the role of clean, affordable ethanol and other biofuels.

“Investments in American biofuels continue to pay dividends for our climate, driving down carbon emissions and replacing toxic fuel additives that poison our air,” said Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy. “We’re pleased to see climate leaders in the Senate examining opportunities to accelerate progress toward a carbon-neutral future by opening the door for cleaner low-carbon biofuels, more green jobs, and continued innovation in renewable bioproducts to replace petroleum. It’s encouraging to see a growing chorus of lawmakers ready to harness the full potential of biofuels to decarbonize our transportation sectoropen new doors for agricultural innovation, and break down regulatory barriers holding back production of advanced biofuels.”