Striving for “Independence Day” for E15

As Americans hit the road to celebrate Independence Day, rural advocates across the Midwest called on regulators to unlock E15 and allow summer travelers to access big savings at the pump. According to data from AAA, almost 40 million people drive at least 50 miles from home from July 3 to July 8 – or 100 miles round-trip. Even in new cars, a 5-cent per gallon discount on fuel would immediately put at least $8 million in the hands of these holiday travelers.

With a typical sale price 5 to 10 cents lower than standard blends, E15 is available in 30 states, but outdated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules bar most retailers from selling it during the summer.

The latest call to action was offered in a show of support for an ongoing campaign organized by Growth Energy. Under our leadership, rural advocates from across the country have urged policymakers in Washington to unleash America’s vast renewable resources to lower fuel prices, strengthen U.S. energy security, protect the climate, and put an end to a farm crisis that threatens to send an entire generation of farmers out of business.

YOU can help support our campaign today. Click here to tell USDA Secretary Perdue that we need year-round E15 NOW to drive growth for America’s rural communities.

For further information contact:

Alec Caso

(202) 545-4000