In letters to U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, over 100 business and farm leaders across seven Midwest states called on regulators to lift restrictions on the sale of E15. The letters underscored the need for year-round sales of higher ethanol blends to provide drivers more affordable options at the fuel pump while driving agricultural revenues and rural manufacturing.

The letters were offered in a show of support for our ongoing campaign. Under our leadership, rural advocates from across the country have urged policymakers in Washington to unleash America’s vast renewable resources to lower fuel prices, strengthen U.S. energy security, protect the climate, and put an end to a farm crisis that threatens to send an entire generation of farmers out of business.

YOU can help support our campaign today. Click here to tell USDA Secretary Perdue that we need year-round E15 NOW to drive growth for America’s rural communities.

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Alec Caso


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We agree with Shane Greckel of Bloomfield, NE: @SenatorFischer "has worked hard to strengthen Nebraska’s economy and helped to secure President Trump’s commitment to year-round sales of #E15..."…

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