ICYMI, Growth Energy just announced the launch of a new, redesigned American Ethanol Racing website, AmericanEthanolRacing.com.

As an official NASCAR partner and sponsor of the 2018 Daytona 500-winning No. 3 Monster Energy Cup Series racing team, Growth Energy is excited to showcase the many engine performance benefits of biofuels in innovative, engaging ways. The dynamic, revamped website is sleeker and more user-friendly in order to reflect the exciting progress that has been made with the American Ethanol program. The new site also creatively balances thrilling content for racing fans, helpful everyday information for consumers, and technical performance material for automotive professionals.

“Our American Ethanol partners are among the best motorsports athletes, engine performance experts, and ethanol supporters in the world, and this website will serve as a hub for content that communicates the value of biofuels through their stories and expertise,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor.

The American Ethanol program has continued to grow since its inception in 2011 – the year NASCAR adopted Sunoco Green E15, fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol, across its three national competition series. That year, American Ethanol partnered with NASCAR and Richard Childress Racing (RCR) to raise awareness for higher biofuel blends like E15. NASCAR has since put E15 to the test for over 11 million miles in the toughest conditions imaginable – a clear testament to the superiority and reliability of the fuel. Meanwhile, RCR has found continued success on the track, with American Ethanol driver Austin Dillon just recently winning the Daytona 500 on February 18, 2018.

To help spread the biofuels story to an even greater audience, new partners representing a wide variety of performance motorsports disciplines have joined the team. The American Ethanol program is also working to move the needle with automotive professionals and thought-leaders through a comprehensive biofuels and engine performance education program.

“The partnerships forged under the American Ethanol banner continue to play a critical role in sharing the success story of biofuels,” said Skor. “Our refreshed and reenergized digital presence for American Ethanol is an exciting tool we will use to engage race fans, consumers, and technical experts on the benefits of biofuels that our partners – and millions of Americans – enjoy every day.”

One of the partners we’re most excited to be working with is Nth Moto out of Minneapolis. Haven’t heard of them? Just watch this (also available on the American Ethanol site here) :

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CEO @GrowthEnergy tells IRS how #ethanol plants can lead the way on #carbon capture https://t.co/xiHAipVJpI

via @FuelsAmerica

As @RepCheri Bustos says here, the biofuels industry has a cascading effect on agriculture — it promotes strong supply chains and multiplies rural economic output. Abuse of the Renewable Fuel Standard through refinery exemptions only serves to harm the ag economy. https://t.co/pvW7P4yZ4F

via @GrowthEnergy

The future of fuel — increased engine performance, lowering our carbon footprint, and eliminating toxic fuel additives — is already here. At @EESI's Clean Energy Expo, Growth Energy SVP of Regulatory Affairs Chris Bliley laid out the benefits that expanding ethanol can bring. https://t.co/aW5v9A4prB

via @GrowthEnergy

In a letter to the IRS, GE CEO @EmilySkor proposes applying the 45Q performance based carbon tax credit to carbon capture projects at ethanol plants as a way to incentivize and expand their further use. Biofuel producers are ready to do more!  See the letter here: https://t.co/MtEDPF0jKy

via @GrowthEnergy