Big Oil’s Latest Campaign – More of the Same Misinformation

WASHINGTON, DC — Yesterday, the American Petroleum Institute (API) announced a new “multi-faceted advocacy campaign” that perpetuates misinformation about ethanol and ignores ethanol’s benefits to our environment, economy, national security and consumers across America. Tom Buis, co-chairman of Growth Energy, issued the following statement:

“API must be getting ready for Halloween. They pulled out all of their favorite scare tactics—the “blend wall,” threats of “economic harm” and “unexpected costs”—to exploit consumer fears and keep them addicted to the status quo. But while API and its associates are busy fueling fear, the biofuels industry is fueling America.

“Big Oil is afraid of competition, plain and simple, and it is using every possible tactic, like this deceptive public relations campaign, to discourage the use of a cleaner, less expensive, homegrown renewable fuels.

“Unfortunately for Big Oil, no matter how hard it tries to keep its monopoly on the motor fuel marketplace and its pockets well-lined, the American public cannot be deceived with advocacy campaigns that are devoid of factual information and run counter to a large body of independent, expert research that demonstrates the numerous benefits of ethanol.

“Big Oil is fighting so hard because it is afraid its century-long iron grip on the transportation fuel market is starting to unravel as consumers increasingly ask for higher ethanol blends such as E15, because these fuels are higher performing, renewable, cleaner, homegrown and less expensive.

“The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is revitalizing rural communities, improving our environment, enhancing our nation’s energy security and saving consumers money at the pump. No amount of advertising can compete with a decade of RFS success. This latest campaign is just another sign of Big Oil’s willingness to say and do anything to protect its self-interest instead of that of the American people.”

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