The voice of America’s biofuel industry

Growth Energy is working to realize the full potential of American biofuels to save consumers money, lower carbon emissions, and build a stronger economy.

Policy Priorities

Growth Energy is the leading biofuel trade association in the country. We represent producers and supporters of biofuels who are working to bring consumers better choices at the fuel pump, grow America’s economy, and improve the environment for future generations.

Our growing membership base now represents nearly half of all American biofuel plants along with many of the largest and most prominent fuel retailers in the country and the industry’s top associate members whose businesses support the bioeconomy.

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Seed. Soil. Sun.

Our members are building an economy that grows in sync with nature, rather than at nature’s expense.

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

The RFS has helped provide consumers with real choice and savings at the pump while strengthening our economy, delivering greater energy independence, and improving our environment.

Retail Benefits of Unleaded 88

Learn about why consumers are interested in mid-level ethanol blends and the steps involved to convert a station to offer Unleaded 88

Americans have driven 90 billion miles on UNL88.
Value of biofuels

Every day, Growth Energy members are creating value by inspiring new ways to create more with less.

Our industry has been providing American families with renewable energy solutions since ethanol blends arrived at the gas pump decades ago.

And we’re continuing to accelerate green innovation today.