The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

The RFS has helped provide consumers with real choice and savings at the pump while strengthening our economy, delivering greater energy independence, and improving our environment.

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Retail Benefits of Unleaded 88

Learn about why consumers are interested in mid-level ethanol blends and the steps involved to convert a station to offer Unleaded 88.

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'State of the Industry' Ethanol Data Hub

Explore a dashboard presenting the latest information on America’s biofuel industry, with user-friendly tools to track and visualize important trends — from ethanol production and exports to U.S. blending.

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COVID-19 Resources

During the COVID-19 public health crisis, Growth Energy takes seriously its commitment to the health and well-being of its members and staff, as well as our neighbors and communities. While unprecedented challenges remain ahead, we want to ensure that our members have access to workplace-related resources and other helpful information from trusted sources.

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Thank you to our partners at @POETbiofuels and H2O Innovation for investing in our engine performance education partnership with UTI!…

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Dr. Andy Randolph joined students at the Universal Technical Institute in Orlando today for a fuel engine mechanics workshop on the benefits of ethanol -- both inside the engine and out! @UTITweet

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“The intent of the RFS is to blend more biofuels into our nation’s transportation fuel supply. Period." SVP of Regulatory Affairs @ChrisBliley testimony this morning before @EPA on its proposal to extend RVO compliance deadlines.…

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E15 is approved in Oregon starting January 2022! This week, the state of Oregon finalized the rule to allow for the sale of E15 starting next month. Access to higher blends of renewable fuels is a win for Oregon drivers and the environment.…

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