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The RFS has helped provide consumers with real choice and savings at the pump while strengthening our economy, delivering greater energy independence, and improving our environment.

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Learn about why consumers are interested in mid-level ethanol blends and the steps involved to convert a station to offer Unleaded 88.

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Explore a dashboard presenting the latest information on America’s biofuel industry, with user-friendly tools to track and visualize important trends — from ethanol production and exports to U.S. blending.

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It was great to join @FUELINGIowa, @GrowthEnergy, ADM and Wolf Carbon Solutions this week to discuss the role biofuel can and should play in an all-of-the-above energy economy.

via @SenJoniErnst

Securing a deadline for the 2023 RVO is a significant victory in our mission to ensure certainty when it comes to biofuel blending, especially as we face a new era of the RFS.

via @EmilySkor

New → Growth Energy, EPA Reach Settlement on Deadline for Issuing 2023 RVO…

via @GrowthEnergy

This morning in the @gazettedotcom by CEO @EmilySkor → Sound science debunks attack on biofuels…

via @GrowthEnergy