Growth Energy Challenges Latest Misinformation from API, NMMA

WASHINGTON, DC — In response to this morning’s call by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) that attempted to fool policymakers and the American public, Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, issued the following statement:

“Once again, API and its allies are trying to keep Americans addicted to foreign oil. They are afraid of competition, plain and simple, and are using every possible tactic, whether it be legal, regulatory or through false public relations campaigns designed to fool people to buy into their false narrative to discourage the use of a cleaner, less expensive, homegrown renewable fuel.

“All major manufacturers of outboard and marine motors, as well as small engines, are approved for the use of gasoline blended with up to 10 percent ethanol. The largest problems associated with engine failure in such equipment and machinery is associated with failure of proper maintenance, not ethanol. The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, which represents manufactures of small engines, has even gone on the record to say, ‘We pump E10 without a second thought.’

“What probably does concern boaters is the amount of time they spend dry docked as a result of oil spills, like the one that dumped 21,000 gallons of oil along four miles of coastline in Santa Barbara, California just yesterday.

“This latest charge by API and NMMA does, however, raises a more important question. In Brazil, consumers only have a choice of 27 percent or 100 percent ethanol. To my knowledge, they have boats, outboard motors, lawnmowers, weed whackers and other outdoor power equipment, as well as cars identical to the ones that are sold right here in the U.S., which begs the question, how is the sky not falling there from ethanol use? The answer is pretty simple, ethanol is a safe, reliable alternative fuel that is taking away from the market share of Big Oil and they, along with their aligned special interests, will do and say anything to fool the American consumer and protect their bottom line.”

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