Major Retail Chain Kum & Go Announces Launch of E15 Availability

WASHINGTON, DC — In response to the announcement today that Kum & Go, the fifth-largest, privately held and company-operated convenience store chain in the U.S., will be offering E15, Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, issued the following statement:

“We are thrilled to hear that Kum & Go will be offering E15, providing motorists with a choice and savings at the pump. Kum & Go prides themselves on their exemplary service and a drive to give the customer more than what they expect, and this latest announcement underscores their role as an innovator and leader in the convenience store marketplace. Furthermore, this announcement shows that customer demand for higher blends of homegrown, renewable fuels, such as E15, is growing and Kum & Go is taking the necessary steps to deliver what the marketplace demands and what the consumer wants.

“Kum & Go has always given back to the communities they serve, and by offering E15, they are not only providing a choice at the pump, but they are supporting American jobs, our rural economy and our environment by offering a cleaner burning fuel.

“Consumers are getting a higher octane, better performing fuel that burns cleaner and runs cooler in engines, which improves vehicle performance and can extend engine life. With E15, consumers are getting more for less when they fill up. 

“Their decision to offer E15 clearly demonstrates the strength of consumer demand for higher ethanol blends such as E15. It proves once again that consumers will select a high performance, low cost fuel when given the choice. Kum & Go is clearly a leader in the fuel retail marketplace and is acutely in tune with what their customers want and need.

“E15 is the most tested fuel in history. The U.S. Department of Energy performed an exhaustive test of E15, driving 86 cars for over 6 million miles, and approving the fuel for use in all light duty cars and trucks model year 2001 and newer. E15 is currently available at over 120 retail locations in 18 states across the nation.”

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