Growth Energy Responds to Jay Leno’s Baseless Attack

WASHINGTON, DC — In response to a recent opinion piece in Autoweek entitled “Can’t We Just Get Rid of Ethanol?” by comedian Jay Leno, Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, released the following statement:

“This commentary from Jay Leno should go down as the worst joke he has ever told. I have always found that good jokes have some thread of truth in them, but clearly Mr. Leno is out of his league when it comes to understanding the benefits of homegrown American ethanol.

“Ethanol supports American jobs and a robust rural economy here at home and it also helps reduce carbon emissions by mitigating climate change and reduces our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil. What Mr. Leno fails to acknowledge is that ethanol is the cheapest source of octane, the key component in fuel that drives performance – something he should know about as an avid motorist and car collector.

“In fact, in 2008 Jay Leno was touting ethanol for its performance and environmental benefits – one can only come to the conclusion that he has changed his tune based not on facts or real world testing, but on politics and information perpetuated by Big Oil and other critics who consistently seek to discredit a true American success story.

“It is time to stop accepting the status quo of foreign oil and fossil fuels. Biofuels are driving innovation to create sustainable, renewable fuels that support economies in cities like Des Moines, not Dubai. Approximately 85 percent of vehicles on the road today are compatible with higher blends like E15, and autos around the world in places like Bangkok and Brazil are fueled by higher blends of ethanol, all without problems, just improved performance and decreased cost to the motorist.

“No one is forced to use any fuel, and if Mr. Leno wants to use pure gas, go ahead and pay the premium in price, I am sure he can afford it. But for the majority of Americans, choice, savings and performance all in one is a package is what they are looking for, and that is exactly what ethanol delivers.”

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