Growth Energy Commends EPA Announcement on 2014 RVO Rule

WASHINGTON, DC — In response to today’s announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) long delayed final rule for the 2014 Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is not being finalized, allowing them to take the appropriate time to correct their methodology and establish the necessary volumes to move forward on the original intent of the RFS, Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy issued the following statement:

“The EPA made the appropriate decision today to not finalize the 2014 RVO numbers. We commend them for listening to all stakeholders.

“Today’s announcement is a clear acknowledgement that the EPA’s proposed rule was flawed from the beginning. There was no way the methodology in the proposed rule would ever work, as it went against the very purpose and policy goals of the RFS. The EPA wisely decided not to finalize the rule so they could fix the flawed methodology. Their initial proposal over a year ago was unacceptable and simply acquiesced to the demands of Big Oil and their refusal to blend more renewable fuels into the marketplace.

“The decision to withdraw the rule is a win for the renewable fuels industry. While a further delay is unwelcome news, at the end of the day, the most important aspect is that the EPA gets the final rule right. The EPA must implement the RFS as it was originally envisioned and supported by a bipartisan majority in Congress. This policy was established to help improve our environment, create jobs that cannot be outsourced and reduce our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil, all while providing consumers with a choice and savings at the pump by increasing market access to cleaner burning renewable fuels.

“Growth Energy stands ready to work with the administration to ensure that America stays on a path to energy security and innovation by ending the decades old, shortsighted practice of ‘putting our eggs in one basket’ by relying only on foreign oil and fossil fuels.

“I encourage the EPA to act swiftly to produce a final rule that ensures the methodology allows our industry to move forward and invest in additional production of biofuels, which will help grow an American industry that creates jobs, reduces our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels, reduces carbon pollution and creates new economic opportunities all over the country.”

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