2014 RVO Proposed Rule Would Stifle Biofuel Innovation and Limit Consumer Choice

WASHINGTON, DC — Following the release of the proposed 2014 Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) which are part of the broader Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy released the following statement:

“Clearly we are disappointed in the initial proposal that was released today. This proposed rule goes directly against the best interests of our nation and American consumers. The RFS is working to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, create jobs, clean our air and save consumers at the pump. It makes no sense to roll back a successful policy just because Big Oil stands to lose profits – profits that come directly from the wallets of American drivers. Any attempts to do so undermine the intent of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, in which the RFS was strengthened.

“We welcome the opportunity to ensure that biofuel stakeholders are able to express their concern with this proposed rule, while also laying out a reasonable pathway to achieve the goals of the RFS during the forthcoming comment period.

“We are only five years into a 15 year policy that is working and has saved Americans billions of dollars at the pump. Now is not the time to turn back on the progress we have made and ask Americans to pad big oil’s already record profits. In its current form, this rule would freeze innovation or investment in next generation biofuels; reduce production of conventional biofuels; harm our environment and jeopardize savings to consumers.
“When all the facts are presented during the public comment period, I am confident that it will be clear to everyone that the RFS is the most successful energy policy enacted within the last 40 years, and that the final rule should be modified to allow our country’s energy policy to move forward, not backwards.  For over 40 years our nation has been held captive by our addiction to foreign oil, the proposed rule if finalized in its current form is a victory for OPEC and Big Oil and a loss for America. 

“It is important to note at this point, this is a proposed rule, and it is not final. Growth Energy is committed to working with the Administration to ensure the progress envisioned by the RFS is not negatively affected by the 2014 RVO decision. Moving forward, we will pursue any and all options to ensure the RFS is not undermined.” 

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