Senate Continues to Show Strong Support for Biofuels

WASHINGTON, DC — Following the bipartisan passage of Senator Kay Hagan’s (D-N.C.) amendment (S.A. 3095) to the FY2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which would strike language limiting the use of biofuels by the armed forces, Tom Buis CEO of Growth Energy released the following statement:

“Today’s successful passage of Senator Hagan’s amendment is yet another example of the strong bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate for American made renewable energy. This is the second successful vote in two days supporting renewable fuels and the message lawmakers are sending is clear – biofuels play a critical role in developing a diversified energy portfolio to meet our growing energy needs and increase our energy independence.

“Americans understand the critical importance and strategic advantage of energy independence.  If we have learned anything from the conflicts we have been involved in over the last forty years, it is that we must decouple our nation from its dependence on some of the most hostile regions in the world. Now, more than ever it is critical America capitalizes on our resources to secure our energy independence.

“Today’s showing of a strong bipartisan support of renewable fuels made clear that lawmakers understand that investments in biofuels are investments in our national security and energy security and we must continue to develop alternative sources to reduce our addiction to foreign oil.”

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