Jeff Broin

Chairman & CEO, POET, LLC

Jeff Broin, founder and CEO of POET led the growth of a small plant into the world’s largest producer of biofuels and a leading producer of bioproducts. POET designed, constructed, and now operates 33 facilities located across 8 states, with a combined annual production capacity of 3 billion gallons of biofuels and over 14 billion pounds of co-products that are marketed worldwide.

Broin has been a recognized and awarded innovator, entrepreneur, agriculturalist, business leader, philanthropist, spokesperson and national advocate for the biofuels industry on both the federal and state levels for more than 35 years.

Broin serves as the founding chairman of Growth Energy, and has been dedicated to advancing the role of renewable biofuels and bioproducts in addressing national and global issues surrounding agriculture, human health, and climate change.