Growth Energy Statement on Ethanol’s Job Creation Potential

WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy embraced the focus of job creation in President Obama’s State of the Union address yesterday, and today welcomed the words of Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, who spoke about the importance of American energy independence during an appearance at the Washington, DC Auto Show just a few yards from where Growth […]

Growth Energy and Ricardo Demonstrate Benefits of Extreme Ethanol Optimization

WASHINGTON, DC — It was announced today at the Washington Auto Show that Ricardo and Growth Energy are to collaborate on a project which will bring together for the first time the shared skills and expertise of a global leader in automotive and clean energy technology with America’s foremost body representing US ethanol. Together these […]

Poll: 68 Percent Support COOL for Fuel

WASHINGTON, DC – Sixty-eight percent of American voters support country-of-origin labeling on gasoline, according to poll data released today by Growth Energy, the U.S. coalition of ethanol supporters. The polling data was released in conjunction with an announcement by U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, that he intends to introduce legislation mandating that all gasoline sold […]

New Study Finds Ethanol Production Key to Greening the Chesapeake, Job Creation

WASHINGTON, DC – Ethanol and other biofuels produced from plants in the Chesapeake Bay watershed can create 18,000 jobs and prevent millions of pounds of runoff, according to a new report released today by the Chesapeake Bay Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. “This report underscores the undeniable contribution of agriculture and ethanol production […]

Growth Energy CEO Tells Ag Summit: “Do Low Carbon Right”

ORLANDO, Fla. – Domestic, renewable ethanol can be a major contributor to job creation as well as cutting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing dependence on foreign oil, Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis told a summit of agricultural legislative leaders. “We are poised to create as many as 136,000 jobs in the United States with one […]

Student Report Ignores Facts of Farming

WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy described a paper issued by graduate students at the University of Michigan that overlooked this year’s record corn harvest as “well-intentioned but flawed in theory and fact.” “I’m sure the authors of this report had the best intentions, but it’s hard to square their conclusions with the facts about the […]

Growth Energy Responds to Approval of LCFS by California Office of Administrative Law

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Growth Energy responded to the decision of the California Office of Administrative Law to approve the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) for implementation. “Growth Energy is disappointed by the approval of the LCFS for implementation and the failure of the Office of Administrative Law to uphold California Law and the U.S. […]

Growth Energy Receives U.S. Department of Energy Funding for Expanded Ethanol Fueling Infrastructure

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Growth Energy announced that the organization has received a $200,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to support the expansion of fueling infrastructure for ethanol blends. Growth Energy’s project will result in the installation of at least ten E85 dispensers at existing gas stations in Norfolk, Virginia and Seattle, Washington. […]

USDA Crop Report: Corn Harvest Once Again Proves Farmers Can Grow Enough for Food and Fuel

WASHINGTON, DC — American farmers are expected to produce a record 13.2 billion bushels of corn, the largest U.S. corn crop in history, according to a crop report released today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Growth Energy said the record yield shatters the myth of “food vs. fuel” and repeated its demand that the […]

Growth Energy Responds to Rice University Report

WASHINGTON, DC — Growth Energy, the coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters, responded today to an inaccurate report, financed by Chevron and published by oil industry associates at Rice University. The report mischaracterizes ethanol's ability to create jobs, cut greenhouse gas emissions and lessen America's dependence on foreign oil. In specific responses to media inquiries, Growth […]

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Ethanol is smart domestic policy, plain and simple. It's better for engines, it's cleaner to produce, and it supports rural communities. We drove that message home this week at the Global Ethanol Summit, as we push for the free trade of ethanol all over the world. https://t.co/smxBYJXxjH

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We know ethanol burns cleaner than gas. We just released a new report that shows even more benefits: 1) Using less land for much higher crop yields 2) Using less water to irrigate those crops 3) Gas production process is far dirtier than ethanol process ethanolproducer.com/articles/16600…

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New report released by @GrowthEnergy shows how “new innovations have allowed us to ramp up #biofuel production year after year, without expanding our environmental footprint.” https://t.co/Te6A10zblq

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Dozens of biofuel plants shut down because of these exemptions. That's not an exaggeration — it's already happened. If these rules from the EPA are finalized, we're no closer to reopening those plants. We're determined to make sure that doesn't happen. agri-pulse.com/articles/12713…

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