Emily Skor leads the country’s premiere biofuel trade association, representing over half of the nation’s total ethanol production and tens of thousands of ethanol supporters around the country who work to bring consumers cleaner burning, healthier, and more affordable fuel choices at the pump.

Since joining Growth Energy, Skor has led initiatives to grow the retail footprint for higher biofuel blends across the U.S. — which has expanded across 31 states under her leadership.

In 2016, Skor launched the organization’s first consumer education initiative — Get Biofuel — to redefine ethanol as a cleaner, more affordable fuel choice, which has helped lead to over 25 billion miles driven by Americans on higher ethanol blended fuel.

In 2018, Growth Energy executed a savvy public affairs campaign, securing a historic win in the granting of year-round sales of E15 — the highest priority for the industry and rural America for over a decade.

Most recently, Skor’s leadership in promoting biofuels’ emissions reduction benefits has repositioned ethanol as a critical tool in decarbonizing the transportation sector and reaching net-zero climate goals by 2050.

Growth Energy membership has grown under her leadership to include 89 plant producers and 94 innovative businesses that support biofuel production, including the largest ethanol producers in the country – POET, ADM, Marquis Energy and The Andersons.

Prior to joining Growth Energy, Skor served as Vice President of Communications for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) and as the Executive Director of the CHPA Educational Foundation. Before joining CHPA, Skor served as senior vice president at a nationally recognized crisis management firm.

Skor graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wellesley College and is a trustee of Aidan Montessori School. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband and two children.


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Moving to a nationwide E15 standard would save $12.2 billion in fuel costs - every year. That's meaningful for American drivers. https://t.co/0YVDOqVekX

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We recently hosted U.S. Sen. Steve Daines at the CHS refinery in Laurel, Montana. The event included a tour and a discussion about domestic energy policy, and how the refinery supports our customers and owners across rural America. https://t.co/xe0NF7MSUb

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.@RepCheri in @FoxBusiness: When we blend ethanol into our gasoline, it reduces harmful emissions almost in half, brings down the price for consumers by up to 60 cents per gallon and supports American farmers. foxbusiness.com/energy/ethanol…

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Japan has committed to taking all available measures to double demand for bioethanol, including for sustainable aviation fuel and on-road fuel, by 2030 to reduce dependence on imported petroleum. This move translates to roughly over an E3 blend → whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/…

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