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Growth Energy maintains up-to-the-minute pricing data and a host of other figures related to the economic performance and impact of biofuels and the bioeconomy.

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Higher Blends Retail Footprint

E15 is a popular choice for drivers who want to save money, boost engine performance, and reduce environmental impact. This fuel option has been used for more than 100 billion miles of travel in the U.S. Find out more about the factors that influence consumer demand and retailer supply of E15.
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E15-E85 Fueling Stations Count by State
Historical Growth Of E15 Stations- Source Growth Energy
Yearly Growth of E85 Alternative Stations – USDA Bioenergy Statistics Data Set
Ethanol Market Share % -USDA Bioenergy Statistics Data Set
Fuel Consumption by State & Ethanol Blends %- EIA SEDS(State Energy Data System) – Reflects Full Year 2021
Source: EIA

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