Growth Energy Comment on Delay of 40B Modeling Updates

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor issued the following statement today in response to reports that the Biden administration would be delaying the release of its carbon modeling updates for the 40B Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) tax credit:

“The administration made a clear commitment to finalize this guidance no later than March 1. This delay is frustrating, but we’re optimistic that it’s happening for a productive reason. Ultimately, what’s most important is getting it right, and making sure that the resulting updates provide real opportunities for American farmers to contribute to the SAF market. Officials should follow the science behind Argonne-GREET, the most accurate model and the only one that accounts for all of the climate-smart innovations happening on farms across America’s heartland. American bioethanol producers must be allowed to compete in the SAF marketplace. The alternative is making SAF from Brazilian sugar cane, or used cooking oil imported from China, instead of renewable crop-based feedstocks grown on American farms.”