Growth Energy Welcomes Montana as 49th State to Approve Use of E15

Montana recently became the 49th state to approve the use of E15, a fuel blend made with 15% bioethanol.

HELENA, MONTANA—After updating its fuel regulations, Montana recently became the 49th state to approve the sale of E15—a more affordable fuel made with 15% American-made bioethanol. Growth Energy, the nation’s largest biofuel trade association, welcomed the news, with CEO Emily Skor issuing the following statement:

“This is great news for Montana drivers who will soon have access to a lower-cost fuel option at the pump. By simply updating its fuel regulations, Montana has become the 49th state to give consumers the chance to save money with E15 while using more renewable fuel made in America and increasing our energy independence. We are grateful to the Department of Labor and Industry for making this important update and giving Montana drivers access to E15, which is saving consumers money across the U.S.”

About E15

E15 is a fuel blend made of gasoline and 15% bioethanol. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved its use in all cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) made in model year 2001 and newer—representing more than 96% of all vehicles on the road today. E15 can be found at over 3,400 gas stations across the country and to date, Americans have driven more than 90 billion miles on this fuel blend. Last summer drivers saved an average of 15 cents per gallons by filling up with E15 compared to regular, or E10. In some areas, E15 saved drivers as much as $.60 per gallon at the pump.

Learn more about E15 here.