Growth Energy Cheers Illinois Law to Boost Sales of Affordable Biofuel Blends 

Springfield, Ill. – Growth Energy applauded legislation signed today by Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker that will reduce sales taxes paid on higher blends of ethanol. The tax incentives were authored by state Senator Joyce (D-Essex) and included in a broader revenue package approved by lawmakers this May. The new law also makes technical changes to clarify requirements for a recently adopted tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel. Read the full text here.

“From sustainable aviation fuel to low-carbon E15, our leaders in Illinois have made big strides this year to decarbonize transportation, support rural jobs, and save consumers money,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “We’re grateful to Governor Pritzker, Senator Joyce, and other champions in the state legislature for working alongside Illinois biofuel producers and our farm partners to ensure that more drivers can enjoy cleaner, more affordable options at the fuel pump. As the third-largest ethanol producing state in the country, Illinois is helping to showcase of power of a strong U.S. bioeconomy to deliver on America’s climate and energy goals.”