Growth Energy Applauds Passage of Nebraska Bill Expanding Access to E15

LINCOLN, Neb. – Growth Energy applauded legislation approved today by the Nebraska legislature that will provide motorists better, more affordable options at the fuel pump. Sponsored by Sen. Myron Dorn (R-30), the Adopt the E-15 Access Standard Act (LB 562) would expand access to E15 at more Nebraska fueling stations and increase tax incentives for fuel retailers selling higher bioethanol blends.

“This legislation cements Nebraska’s leadership role in homegrown, renewable energy, ensuring that more drivers can enjoy savings at the pump thanks to the state’s world-class biofuel sector,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “We’re grateful to Senator Dorn, Governor Pillen, and other leaders in the legislature for working to get this important new law over the finish line. Growth Energy looks forward to working alongside our farm and retail partners to fully unleash E15 in Nebraska, boost the state’s rural economy, and cut fuel costs for working families.”

Passage of LB 562 followed months of work by Growth Energy, POETRenewable Fuels Nebraska, and other biofuel and ag leaders in the state to expand access to E15. Under the bill, requirements for new fuel sites would take effect in January 2024, while requirements for existing sites would take effect in January 2028, if the state’s blend rate remains below 14 percent. Modeled after a similar E15 access standard in Iowa, the final bill is expected to be signed into law by Governor Pillen.

“The Biden administration should take a page from Governor Pillen’s leadership on this issue and move quickly to ensure permanent, nationwide access to cleaner, more affordable E15 fuel,” added Skor. “We’re excited to see Governor Pillen emerge so quickly as one of rural America’s most effective biofuel champions.”