Growth Energy Launches Campaign to Protect Summer Savings with E15

WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy announced a new E15 ad campaign today calling on President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure uninterrupted access to cleaner, more affordable E15 fuel during the fast-approaching summer driving season. The seven-figure campaign will include television and digital advertising in Washington, DC and in major biofuel-producing states.

“The clock is ticking, and we need the administration to act swiftly to ensure fuel savings from E15 do not disappear from gas stations this summer,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “Immediate action on a summer waiver would signal relief at the pump for consumers and provide retailers with the certainty they need to fully commit to offering E15 over the summer ahead. That’s why we’re rallying grassroots supporters, retail partners, and elected leaders across the heartland to protect access to fuel savings with E15.”

Watch one clip from Growth Energy’s E15 ad campaign here.