Growth Energy Thanks Governors for Pressing EPA on E15 Emergency Waiver

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Growth Energy applauded a bipartisan group of governors today for continuing to lead on E15 by urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to issue an emergency waiver that would allow fuel retailers to sell E15—a fuel blend made with 15 percent ethanol—this coming summer.

“Without an emergency waiver, the summer of 2023 would become the first time since 2019 that American drivers didn’t have access to E15, a fuel blend that’s less expensive, better for the environment, and usable in 96 percent of all cars on the road today,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “We applaud this bipartisan group of governors for urging EPA to do the right thing and issue a waiver that would keep this lower-cost, lower-carbon fuel option on the market for American consumers this summer.”

At Growth Energy’s recent Executive Leadership Conference, some retailers voiced their agreement that EPA must address the 2023 waiver for them to ensure continued access to E15 for their customers. “We need regulators to provide an emergency waiver this summer to continue to offer our guests the low-cost E15 that they’ve been able to buy for years,” said Sarah Blodgett, fuel category manager at Casey’s General Stores, at the conference. “Retailers and American drivers need certainty.”

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