Growth Energy Cheers Arizona Rule Expanding E15 Markets

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Growth Energy today hailed a final rule by the Arizona Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Services Division to allow the sale of E15 in the greater Phoenix area under the state’s Clean Burning Gasoline (CBG) program. While E15 is currently allowed in other areas in Arizona, regional restrictions will no longer discourage retailers from bringing new options to the pump statewide. The rule takes effect on March 5, 2023.

“E15 delivered big savings for working families over this past year, and that momentum continues to grow,” noted Growth Energy Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Chris Bliley, who submitted comments in favor of the rule last August. “We’re excited to see Arizona opening the door for more drivers to take advantage of lower-cost, lower-carbon E15 blends. Not only will this rule lift outdated limits on our retail partners, it positions Arizona to take full advantage of new federal infrastructure resources to expand competition at the pump. We’re grateful to the Arizona Department of Agriculture and leaders in the Weights and Measures Services Division, as well as the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s Air Quality Division and Maricopa Association of Governments, for their diligent work to help us get this important update over the finish line.”

Growth Energy members with operations in Arizona include Eco-Energy, which operates a major ethanol distribution terminal in Phoenix. The company’s CEO is Craig Willis, Growth Energy’s former SVP of Global Markets.

“Allowing E15 will align Arizona with the vast majority of U.S. states that have already done so, add supply opportunity to chronically tight petroleum markets, and give consumers another option at the pump,” noted Willis in written testimony on the rule.

Growth Energy’s producer plant members also shared their support for the Arizona rulemaking.

“American biofuel producers are excited to bring cleaner, more affordable biofuel blends to every county in Arizona,” said Joshua Shields, POET Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Communications. “Each new market is another opportunity to drive competition and alleviate pain at the pump, and we’re pleased Phoenix can finally benefit from the savings E15 customers enjoy in other states. We applaud Arizona regulators for bringing down outdated barriers to lower-carbon, American-made E15.”

E15 is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for all light-duty cars and trucks model year 2001 or newer. That’s more than 96 percent of light duty vehicles, which account for 98 percent of all vehicle miles traveled. E15 is currently sold at over 3000 stations across 31 states, and Americans have collectively traveled more than 40 billion miles using E15. To find the nearest E15 station, visit