Growth Energy Statement on Senate Passage of Bill to Avert Rail Strike

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Growth Energy’s CEO Emily Skor issued the following statement after the Senate approved a bill to avert a nationwide rail strike. With yesterday’s approval by the House of the same legislation, the bill now heads to President Biden’s desk for signature, meaning the threat of a strike has been eliminated for the foreseeable future:

“American ethanol producers can rest easy tonight knowing that the rail strike that’s threatened their ability to plan for the last several weeks has been successfully averted. While we’ve always supported a voluntary solution, we’re glad to see Congress and the Administration recognize the seriousness of the matter and the danger a strike posed to the American economy. Every industry would’ve been harmed but the ethanol industry is especially reliant on rail for its operations—nearly 70% of U.S. ethanol production is moved by rail, filling more than 400,000 carloads annually—so the economic harm would’ve been especially severe for our industry.

“No one wants to see American motorists cut off from a vital supply of lower-cost, lower-carbon fuels due to an avoidable rail strike. Today, thanks to the swift action by both chambers of Congress and the Biden Administration, no one will have to.”