Nearly 500 International Customers Converge In Minneapolis Next Week For Export Exchange ‘22

Washington, D.C. – Close to 500 attendees – more than 200 international customers and nearly 300 domestic suppliers of U.S. coarse grains and co-products, including distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) – are set to arrive in Minneapolis on October 12-14 for Export Exchange 2022.

Co-sponsored by the U.S. Grains Council (USGC), Growth Energy, and the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), Export Exchange, the bi-annual event — interrupted in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic — offers attendees an unparalleled opportunity to meet and build relationships with domestic suppliers of corn, DDGS, sorghum, barley, and other commodities.

This year’s anticipated attendees represent a diverse cross-section of customers for U.S. grains.

“At a time when international trade should be championed by our country’s leaders, Export Exchange is critical for our industry,” said Ryan LeGrand, USGC president and CEO. “It is essential for us to strengthen the bonds between suppliers and partner countries, and the connections made next week will not only help propel our industry this year, but for years to come.”

Export Exchange will host business-to-business meetings between the international buyers and suppliers from the U.S. grain supply chain, so prospective customers can ask questions about this year’s U.S. corn crop and suppliers can explain the benefits of the world’s greatest agricultural supply chain.

“Our industry, and the U.S. rural economy, has so much to offer other countries around the globe, including the 11 million tons of DDGS we export to more than 50 countries annually,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “This year’s Export Exchange offers a unique opportunity to showcase these products we provide and the experts we have in our field. We look forward to welcoming everyone to Minnesota for the first Export Exchange since 2018.”

In addition to networking opportunities, the conference will feature engaging speakers addressing critical issues facing U.S. agricultural exports, offering customers and sellers in attendance an increased awareness of the benefits of U.S. coarse grains and co-products.

“We’re proud of the line-up of topics and speakers for this event,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. “This event is important not only for its networking and sales opportunities, but also as an educational opportunity for participants to learn more about the high quality and value of U.S. farm and biorefinery products—as is clearly shown by the reach of our exports. American-made distiller’s grains were exported to more than 50 countries on six continents in 2021.”

Scheduled sessions include:

  • “Global View” – Thom Petersen, Minnesota Commissioner of Agriculture
  • “Policy Opportunities and Challenges” – Jason Hafemeister, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • “World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimate Report Overview” – Reece Cannady, U.S. Grains Council
  • “Inflation, Monetary Policy and Commodities” – Arlan Suderman, StoneX
  • “Shipping and Logistics Overview” – Jay O’Neil, HJ O’Neil Commodity Consulting
  • “DDGS Global PS&D” – Matt Fitzhum, CHS
  • “Pet Food Outlook” – Lisa Schole, Evolve Consulting
  • “Aquafeed Demand” – Ronnie Tan, U.S. Grains Council
  • “Poultry, Pork and Beef Meat Economic Outlook” – Brett Stuart, Global AgriTrends
  • “Sorghum – The Right Choice” – Norman Ritz-Johnson, United Sorghum Checkoff Program
  • “The Advantages of Buying U.S. Corn” – Dr. Alvaro Garcia, South Dakota State University; Shane Mueller, North Dakota State University; Dr. Vijay Singh, University of Illinois
  • “High Protein DDGS and Corn Fermented Protein Nutritional Overview” – Jerry Shurson, University of Minnesota

The conference will also feature a domestic suppliers exposition featuring more than 30 exhibitors. Registration is available on site for those making last-minute plans to attend the Export Exchange event. View the full agenda here.

More than 20 pre- and post-Export Exchange trade teams from around the world will also take advantage of being in the U.S. by visiting various corn-growing states to get a firsthand look at corn harvest, stopping by ethanol plants to see DDGS production, exploring port facilities and more arranged by the U.S. Grains Council and in cooperation with a myriad of U.S.-based corn and coarse grain industries.

News and updates from Export Exchange will be available at or on social media using the hashtag #ExEx22.