Unleashing the Power of Biofuels: Growth Energy CEO Offers Keynote Remarks at Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor delivered keynote remarks at the 38th annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW), highlighting the ways in which America’s bioethanol industry is opening new markets and advancing global clean energy ambitions. Skor also emphasized the energy security contributions of biofuels in the wake of global turmoil, with higher blends of bioethanol, like E15, serving as a shield against skyrocketing fuel prices, saving drivers almost $0.60 per gallon in some areas of the country.

“To get where we need to go as an industry, we need strong policy signals, and it’s up to us to show the world what we already know – that when it comes to competing on carbon, we win,” said Skor, who elaborated on Growth Energy’s work to expand access to E15, restore integrity to the Renewable Fuel Standard, and support ongoing innovation in the bioeconomy.

“Thanks to the innovations underway by leaders in this room, America’s bioethanol industry is poised for success, delivering on a new wave of clean energy demand: on the ground and in the air, at home and abroad, in today’s vehicles and tomorrow’s,” added Skor.

Skor’s keynote address as prepared for delivery is available here.

This year’s FEW is being held June 13-15 in Minneapolis. It’s the largest, longest-running ethanol conference in the world and a premiere forum for showcasing the power of biofuels and unveiling new innovations and research.

Also at this year’s FEW, Growth Energy Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Chris Bliley will speak on panels exploring low-carbon transportation and fuel regulations. These include:

  • “Association Roundtable: Cementing Ethanol’s Place in Tomorrow’s Low-Carbon, High-Efficiency Transportation Fuels Portfolio” – Tuesday, June 14, 9:45am CDT
  • “Surveying the Intersection of Fuel Specifications, State and Federal Regulations and Access to International Markets” – Tuesday, June 14, 3:30pm CDT

For more information, see the full FEW agenda here.