Pushing Back on Tucker Carlson’s Inaccurate Reporting

Following Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s June 10 inaccurate reporting, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor released the following response:

“Tucker Carlson’s recent hit piece on the biofuels industry is as shameful as it is wrong. Higher blends of ethanol save American families money at the pump.

“Mr. Carlson’s inaccurate claims unsurprisingly pander to the oil industry, and ultimately do a disservice to Americans who are searching for lower cost, lower emission fuel options at the pump. At a time when oil prices are surging well over $100 a barrel and energy security is a top priority, it is unfathomable to see such an attack on American-made ethanol”

“Peddling fallacies about ethanol’s relationship to food prices takes a page from an outdated and inaccurate playbook, especially given the reality that the real culprit of higher food prices is higher crude oil prices – which impact the prices of many consumer goods.

“We welcome Mr. Carlson to tour an ethanol plant for a better understanding of ethanol production, a process that uses animal feed corn – not sweet corn that people eat – as its feedstock. There, he could better understand the process, including the reality that ethanol production only draws on the starch in each kernel, while the rest of the fat, fiber, and protein goes into animal feed in the form of nearly 40 million tons of distillers grains annually. Far from consuming nutrients, ethanol plants concentrate them into one of America’s largest sources of animal feed.

“As drivers across the country are looking for expanded access to lower cost fuel options, choosing higher blends of biofuels like ethanol offers our nation one of the best tools to deliver immediate carbon reductions, greater energy security, and more stable food prices.”