Growth Energy Welcomes ClearFlame Engine Technologies as New Associate Member

We are pleased to announce the addition of ClearFlame Engine Technologies to Growth Energy. ClearFlame’s engine technology retains the high torque, energy efficiency, and durability benefits currently associated with diesel engines, yet eliminates the need for diesel fuel and its associated emissions challenges. By 100% replacing high-carbon, petroleum-based fuels with decarbonized, renewable, liquid fuels, ClearFlame’s technology significantly reduces CO2 and particulate-matter emissions from diesel-style engines to meet increasingly stringent industry regulations.

“We look forward to partnering with Growth Energy,” said BJ Johnson, CEO of ClearFlame. “Together, we can work to drive the use of decarbonized fuels for hard-to-electrify applications as a clean, low-cost, and sustainable solution – a critical combination to accelerate adoption and impact our carbon reduction today.”

Please join us in giving ClearFlame a warm welcome!