U.S. Farm & Biofuel Leaders Call for Swift Action to Unleash Lower-Cost Biofuels

WASHINGTON, D.C. – America’s top biofuel and farm advocates called on President Biden to swiftly expand access to plentiful, lower-cost biofuels as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine pushes fuel prices closer to record levels. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is soon expected to finalize biofuel blending requirements for 2021 and 2022 and address a controversial bid to retroactively alter volumes set for 2020. The following joint statement was issued by Growth Energy, Advanced Biofuels Business Council, American Farm Bureau Federation, Clean Fuels Alliance America, National Farmers Union, and Renewable Fuels Association:

“American-made biofuels are the only abundant, affordable, homegrown alternative to oil that can immediately extend the domestic supply of liquid fuels. It was the right solution when experts warned time and again that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Russia would not protect American drivers from inflated fuel costs. Today, the economic case for biofuel blends is as clear as the sign posts outside every fueling station. Ethanol is trading at a steep discount compared to unblended gasoline, often 50 to 60 cents per gallon, and consumers are driving out of their way every day to capture the extra 15 cents or more per gallon savings on higher blends like E15.

“Now is the time to move quickly to put the RFS back on track to expand clean energy production, reduce emissions, and finally protect the economy from volatile oil prices. The administration also must act immediately to allow year-round sales of E15 through existing infrastructure, which will help hold down costs and reduce demand for oil imports. For too long, critics have clouded basic arithmetic with misdirection and spin – but the economics show that biofuels save the average household around $250 annually, and the best academic research, confirmed by federal agencies, shows homegrown ethanol and biomass-based diesel cut total, lifecycle climate emissions by 46-74 percent. Nationwide, E15 alone could save drivers an extra $12 billion or more. Greater energy and climate security is available at the stroke of a pen by this EPA.

“Swift action to finalize long-awaited biofuel requirements, including a return to statutory requirements and strong growth in advanced biofuels in 2022, is part of ‘a critical strategy to secure a clean, zero-carbon energy future,’ as EPA Administrator Regan emphasized this December. We urge regulators to quickly address the feedback offered by farm and biofuel leaders and accept no excuses for delay in finalizing a plan for growth that finally closes the book on those wagering against clean, affordable energy made in America.”