Skor Discusses Biofuels’ Positive Impact on Sustainability, Climate-Smart Solutions at USDA’s 98th Annual Ag Outlook Forum

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor participated in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) 98th Annual Agricultural Outlook Forum. Skor was a featured panelist in the plenary session titled, “Growing Market Opportunities for Climate Smart, Sustainable Agriculture Systems.”

In her remarks, Skor discussed the vital role biofuels play in driving progress toward our nation’s climate goals:

“Ethanol is a premier climate and human health solution that is available today, compatible with our existing auto fleet, and affordable for all communities. Ethanol can also play an important role in emissions-heavy industries that are more difficult to decarbonize, including aviation.

“With today’s technologies, farm-based feedstocks – including ethanol and corn – are the only sources of clean, renewable energy available in large enough volumes to meet our nation’s goals for Sustainable Aviation Fuel.”

Skor also addressed how biofuels are the vehicle to bring agriculture into the national climate strategy:

“We are a key link between farmers and an ever-growing low-carbon economy. Ethanol has long been an economic driver for our rural economies. 

“As biofuel producers drive down their carbon intensity to sell into these markets, farmers benefit in the form of premium prices for low-carbon commodities. We provide significant opportunities to identify and financially incentive climate smart agriculture.

Finally, Skor called upon USDA to support climate-forward policies that expand the role of biofuels in our transportation mix and incentivize investments in earth-smart agriculture:

“These include a strong Renewable Fuel Standard, the accelerated nationwide use of higher blends like E15, and incentives for sustainable farming and carbon intensity reductions based on accurate carbon modeling.

“Ultimately, family farmers, biofuel producers, and other agricultural innovators who are reducing their carbon footprints and developing earth-friendly practices and technologies are key to solving the climate crisis.”

Joining Skor as panelists during the plenary session were David Allen, VP of Sustainability at PepsiCo Foods North America; Elena Rice, Chief Scientific Officer of Genus, PLC; Glenda Humiston, Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources at University of California; and Mike McCloskey, Co-Founder and CEO of Select Milk Producers. The forum, which has been hosted by USDA since 1923, serves as a unique platform to facilitate discussions on key issues and emerging topics impacting the agricultural industry.

Read Skor’s remarks as prepared for delivery here.