Growth Energy Applauds Governor Reynolds’ Support for Biofuels

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds unveiled her 2022 Biofuel Access Bill (HSB 594) to continue Iowa’s national leadership in providing widespread access to higher biofuel blends, including offering E15 statewide by 2026 and updating the E15 promotion tax credit to $0.09 per gallon year-round through 2025. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor released the following statement in support of the legislation:

“The state of Iowa has long led the nation in ethanol policy,” said Skor. “Through her legislation announced today, Gov. Reynolds continues this legacy by prioritizing expanded access to higher blends of biofuel choices at the pump. Statewide access to higher blends of biofuels means that all drivers across Iowa have the opportunity to choose fuel that is good for their engine, good for their pocketbook, and one that benefits the community around them.

“The 2022 Biofuel Access Bill also allows Iowans to make a simple change for the environment by choosing E15. In fact, research shows that statewide E15 in Iowa could cut climate emissions by 180,000 metric tons, the equivalent of removing almost 40,000 vehicles off the road across the state.”

“We appreciate Gov. Reynolds’ tireless support for biofuels and look forward to working with Chairman Lee Hein and other legislative leaders to ensure the bill’s passage.”