CEO Emily Skor returned to Capitol Hill this week to testify before the rowth Energy CEO Emily Skor participated in the U.S. House Agriculture Subcommittee on Commodity Exchanges, Energy, and Credit hearing titled “A Look at the Renewable Economy in Rural America.” In her testimony, Skor spoke on the biofuel sector’s important role in driving economic growth and achieving our nation’s climate goals.

“Renewable fuels like ethanol remain the single most affordable and abundant source of low-carbon motor fuel on the planet – and are critical to meeting carbon reduction goals today,” Skor told lawmakers. Skor emphasized the importance of swift action on the EPA’s rulemaking on long-overdue annual Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). You can read her full opening remarks here or watch below.

It is critical for ethanol producers and suppliers that EPA immediately propose 15 billion gallons of conventional biofuels for 2021 and 2022. The Biden Administration simply cannot meet its climate goals while rolling back low-carbon biofuel blending requirements. -- Emily Skor.

Several members of the committee also highlighted the benefits of biofuels in their remarks and in their questioning of Emily:

“As we work on solutions to address the climate crisis, it's absolutely imperative that we utilize the tools that we have in rural America,” said Rep. Axne. “One of our best solutions we have is the use of biofuels in our transportation sector. What kind of benefits can we expect from the billion dollar investment in biofuels infrastructure within the bill?”

“Ensuring that our biofuels producers are prioritized through strong RVOs is not only critical for the industry, but also for my constituents who engage with an economy built on its success,” Rep. Feenstra said. “Biofuels like ethanol are a low cost, low carbon solution and can be a carbon negative fuel in the next decade. An announcement for strong RVO levels will encourage further investment and innovation.”

"It is clear to me, especially after hearing from Ms. Skor and Mr. Wheeler, that we need to be investing more in the biofuels industry right now as we seek to address energy costs," said Rep. Craig. "Ethanol and biodiesel blends have traditionally saved money for consumers at the pump as cheaper, cleaner burning options, and they drive rural investment, which means more and better paying jobs in rural communities.

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As the holiday season officially begins, CEO @EmilySkor spoke with TV and radio stations from across the country about how Americans can save money and help the environment by selecting higher biofuel blends like UNL88 at the pump. Take a look:

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I’m throughly disappointed that @EPA failed to meet their deadline for issuing biofuel blending requirements that would lower emissions & gas prices. Keeping biofuels in the U.S. clean energy agenda means ensuring fossil fuel companies can’t keep skirting their #RFS obligations.

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Earlier this month, we submitted a Notice of Intent to sue @EPA regarding its failure to timely fulfill the agency’s statutory obligation under the RFS to issue the 2022 RVO. That was 28 days before today's deadline of November 30.…

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🛎 @EPA, today marks the statutory deadline under the RFS to issue the 2022 RVO. Failing to issue RVOs on time is a missed opportunity to address our climate challenge, provide consumers with continued lower-carbon choices at the pump, and contribute to the rural recovery.

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