We are pleased to announce the addition of Commodity & Ingredient Hedging, LLC to Growth Energy. Commodity & Ingredient Hedging is a technology-based risk management firm that provides education and customized price risk management services to businesses affected by volatility in the agriculture commodities markets.

“As industry leaders in technology and risk management, CIH recognizes the value in partnering with an organization like Growth Energy,” said Patrick Gregory, President of Commodity & Ingredient Hedging. “After attending the Executive Leadership Conference and learning about all the great things the organization is working on, we are thrilled and proud to be joining Growth Energy.”

Please join the us in giving Commodity & Ingredient Hedging a warm welcome! Learn more about their company at https://www.cihedging.com/.

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"90% of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation today are from petroleum. So anything on the alternative fuel side to reduce our dependence on oil is a positive" - Chris Bliley, Senior VP @GrowthEnergy #DCEnergyEXPO #EESItalk

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Happening today ā†’ the Virtual Congressional Clean Energy Expo. Growth Energy's Chris Bliley will be speaking during the event on what climate change means for jobs and economic development. Tune in here starting at 1:30PM ET: eesi.org/livecast @EEISonline https://t.co/k8g5cukmzo

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In 2020, the U.S. produced the least CO2 emissions from energy in nearly 40 years -- and petroleum accounted for 97% of transportation sector emissions. Use of low-carbon biofuels like bioethanol today could reduce these emissions by 46%. eia.gov/todayinenergy/ā€¦

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.@SenatorFischer in the @yorknewstimes ā†’ "Higher ethanol blends are also far better for the environment than traditional gasoline. Any plan to reduce emissions has to make ethanol part of the solution." yorknewstimes.com/opinion/more-cā€¦

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