Growth Energy launched a new digital initiative that complements our market development strategy by priming consumer demand for higher blends likeE15.This initiative builds awareness of biofuels’ positive environmental benefits and encourages more drivers to choose higher biofuel blends like E15 at the pump.

CONNECTING WITH TODAY’S CONSUMERS. This initiative connects today’s consumer with their desire to make simple lifestyle changes to help the planet. Through cutting-edge creative, we’re positioning biofuels like plant-based ethanol as a simple change anyone can make to benefit the earth and encouraging drivers to choose higher blends like engine smart, earth kind E15 at the pump. It’s an initiative rooted in the latest market data and insights that captures attention by highlighting the benefits of plant-based, cleaner-burning fuel options.

GROWING MOMENTUM FOR BIOFUELS. This initiative is the critical first step to grow consumer demand for better fuel choices like E15. It goes hand-in-hand with our market development efforts and complements our advocacy on the policy front. It is first and foremost an initiative about building the excitement and momentum around biofuels and then converting awareness to meaningful action(purchase at the pump).

BUILDING THE E15 TRIFECTA. We’re building off the mindset across the country — air quality and climate have never been more top of mind — and positioning our engine smart, earth kind fuel as a simple solution toward a greener today. Through this initiative we’re effectively rallying consumers around us and finally have a full-throttle industry effort that includes pursuing pro-growth policy, leveraging commercial opportunities, and spurring consumer demand — the E15 trifecta.

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We’ll say it again, RIN prices do not impact gas prices. Gas prices are directly tied to the price of oil. The easiest way to meet the goals of the RFS AND keep prices at the pump low is to blend more biofuels.

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Last day of The Biofuels Academy! It’s been a great week of education and networking. Now to take it across the finish line. A big thanks to Zach Martin from @GrowthEnergy Who talked about what’s going on in Washington and how it effects our industry! #getbiofuels #LBDS #BFA2021

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U.S. #SustainableAviationFuel tax credits should reflect U.S. based modeling. Period.… @brownfield

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"If we moved to a 15% ethanol blend nationally, greenhouse gas emission would be reduced by 17 million tons each year, the equivalent of taking nearly 4 million cars off the road each year." Read the full interview with Chris Bliley from @GrowthEnergy:

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