WASHINGTON, D.C. –Today, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor announced that Didion Milling and Didion Bioscience have joined as Growth Energy’s newest plant member. Didion Milling and Didion Bioscience operate a dry corn mill headquartered in Sun Prairie, Wis., and have a 50-million-gallon ethanol plant co-located on site. With its operations, Didion Milling and Didion Bioscience have produced ethanol, dried distillers grains, corn oil, industrial alcohols and other specialty products for over 45 years. Skor issued the following statement welcoming Didion Milling and Didion Bioscience to Growth Energy:

“We are honored to have Didion Milling and Didion Bioscience join Growth Energy and be a part of our mission to provide more drivers with plant-based biofuels like ethanol,” said Skor. “Didion Milling and Didion Bioscience’s diverse production, including biofuel, DDGs and food ingredients, as well as their nearly fifty years of industry experience will provide an invaluable point-of-view was we look ahead to the future of biofuels.”

“Didion Milling and Didion Bioscience is thrilled to be joining Growth Energy and help support growing the markets for the great products we make right here in the state of Wisconsin,” said Didion Milling and Didion Bioscience CFO Luke Burmeister.

Learn more about Didion Milling and Didion Bioscience, their team, and operations on their website here.

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