WTAS: Biofuel and Ag Groups Oppose Anti-ethanol Bill

Yesterday, the Indiana state legislature sent a bill to Governor Holcomb’s desk that was engineered by oil interests to destroy demand for homegrown biofuels, made with clean energy harvested on Indiana farms.

The bill, SEA 303 (SB 303), would stall the rural recovery, cheating Hoosier farmers out of a growing market and forcing Indiana families to pay more at the pump. SEA 303 would add a new and unnecessary warning label on E15 dispensers, sowing consumer confusion and discouraging more retailers from offering E15.

Biofuel and ag groups in the state strongly oppose SEA 303 and are encouraging Governor Holcomb to stand with Indiana’s farm families.

What They Are Saying…


“As the fifth-largest ethanol-producing state, this bill would shoot our rural economy in the foot. Undercutting E15 ignores the potential for $377 million in added GDP and surrenders $195 million in annual value Hoosier farmers could count on with statewide sales of E15.”

“The last thing Hoosiers need are nonsensical state mandates so oil refineries can block competition from biofuels at the pump. Governor Holcomb should stand behind Hoosier biofuel workers, family farmers, and fuel consumers and veto Senate Bill 303.”


“Indiana ethanol producers and fuel retailers believe that the creation of a special Indiana E15 label that must be displayed along with the federal E15 label will deter the use of E15 fuels and thus decrease demand, which would adversely impact corn farmers. ICGA testified against the bill before the House Committee on Environmental Affairs, noting that we would be glad to work with the bill’s author on changes to the bill. The House passed the bill with the restrictive label requirement. The bill is now sitting in the Governor’s queue of passed bills awaiting signature. ICGA remains opposed to the provisions of SB 303 which will require a special Indiana E15 label, as it is both unnecessary and could cause harm to ethanol sales and corn demand.”


“We cannot allow Indiana’s leadership in biofuels to be derailed by this deeply flawed proposal, which was rammed through the legislature without considering any amendments from state leaders representing biofuel producers, and without any serious consideration of the consequences. That is why we ask that you move swiftly to veto SB 303, which would destroy demand for E15 and Indiana corn.”

Read the letter from nine ethanol plant general managers to Gov. Holcomb here.


“Senate Bill 303 threatens to stop the growth of E15 in Indiana. By mandating a misleading warning label on fuel pumps, the bill will dissuade consumers from buying E15 altogether. The bill will also create regulatory uncertainty, discouraging more stations from offering E15 to their customers and denying Hoosiers access to fuel savings.

“Indiana has spent two decades building the ethanol industry, growing jobs, and attracting investment. We cannot allow this progress to be derailed by a flawed bill that was steamrolled through the legislature without properly considering the negative impacts on our economy or communities.

“We respectfully ask that you stand with Indiana’s rural communities, farmers, and ethanol producers and veto Senate Bill 303.“

Letter from four Indiana Mayors and County Commissioners to Gov. Holcomb here.


“Senate Bill 303 will blindside the biofuels industry in Indiana, cheating Hoosier farmers of significant value creation and depriving fuel consumers of meaningful savings at the pump. We hope that Governor Holcomb will realize the truth about Senate Bill 303—and reject it— before this flawed bill destroys the potential of E15 for millions of Hoosier fuel consumers, family farmers and biofuel workers across the state.”


“Make no mistake, SB 303 was designed to stall new competition at the fuel pump and prevent more consumers from saving three to 10 cents per gallon on a lower-carbon, higher-octane fuel blend. In the wake of COVID-19, the last thing Indiana’s economy needs is an assault on ethanol producers and our farm suppliers across the state. If the governor allows this anti-E15 bill to become law, Indiana farm families are going to be reminded of it every time they fill up at the pump.”

Letter from Growth Energy to Gov. Holcomb here.