Growth Energy Calls on EPA to Fix E15 Labeling and Infrastructure

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Growth Energy submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calling for a fix to outdated and confusing E15 labeling and to ensure retail stations’ existing tank systems can accommodate the storage of E15 and higher gasoline-ethanol blends. The association notes in its comments:

“Growth Energy supports modification of the E15 label requirement to increase clarity and ensure it adequately advises consumers of appropriate uses of the fuel, while not unnecessarily dissuading the vast majority of consumers whose vehicles can refuel with E15…. In addition, Growth Energy strongly supports EPA’s proposal to modify the underground storage tank (UST) compatibility requirements applicable to E15 and other fuel blends.

“There is ample support that a wide variety of fuel storage equipment, including USTs and related piping, may store E15 if it is suitable for use with E10.  Removing unnecessary impediments to retailers’ use of such existing equipment is imperative to providing E15 equal footing in the fuels marketplace.”

After submitting comments, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor made the following statement:

“As our nation faces the challenges of climate change, it’s imperative that EPA act immediately to support greater access to cleaner renewable fuel blends for all Americans. E15 and higher ethanol blended fuels will deliver immediate benefits for our environment and are a critical piece of our nation’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

“Clearing hurdles to the sale of E15 and growing markets of biofuels would also provide an economic lifeline for rural communities as they continue to rebuild in the wake of COVID-19. Between the economic and environmental benefits, fixing E15 labeling and infrastructure is a win-win for America.”

EPA announced its proposed rulemaking on January 19, 2021, allowing for three months of public comments on its proposal to either modify or remove the label and modify the United Storage Tanks (UST) regulations to grant certain allowances for compatibility demonstration for storage of ethanol blends.