Growth Energy Welcomes Year-Round E15 in Kansas City


Today, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor welcomed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement allowing E15 fuel to be sold in the area year-round:

“This announcement is a big step for the Kansas City metro area and a continuation of the hard work that they have done to improve air quality and address environmental issues,” said Skor. “Allowing the year-round sale of E15 will help strengthen these clean energy efforts and give more Kansas Citians access to cleaner, more affordable fuel options. A recent report found that nationwide, switching from E10 to E15 would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 20 million tons per year. Ethanol’s environmental benefits are tangible and will help continue Kansas City’s efforts to protect human health and contribute to our country’s overall efforts to decarbonize the transportation system.”

EPA approved the removal of the low Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) gasoline requirements in the Kansas City metro area, allowing for E15 fuel to be sold in the area year-round. The Kansas City metropolitan area has dramatically improved its air quality, so much so that modification of the legacy vapor pressure limits could be re-evaluated by both the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Growth Energy has supported the efforts of our Kansas and Missouri members and stakeholders who have worked over the last three years to modify the requirements.